My name is Natasha Hanson!  I have been a licensed massage therapist for six years.  What I love about my job is that I have the incredible opportunity to work with individuals on pain management and relief, as well as relaxation and stress relief.  I really do have the best job because of the amazing clients I get to see each week!  It's humbling to hear the stories they share with me about the results they feel after a massage session.  I look forward to meeting new clients and helping in their journey to better health and vitality.  

My Story

I graduated from Globe University in June of 2015, which began my massage therapy practice.  I've worked at a trusted chiropractic office, learning and advancing in therapeutic massage for injuries.  After my time there, I set out on my own and helped clients through my home business for a few years.  Which eventually led me to develop a relationship with an amazing salon owner and rent space from her to grow and expand my business.  

Prior to massage therapy,  I served in the Army National Guard for two years and then transfered to active duty Army for four years.  I was in the transportation field and got to travel a lot.  I've been to many different states and countries while serving in the army, including; South Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, and Afghanistan. 


It was truly an honor to serve this great country in the Armed Forces and it has definitely helped to shape and develop who I am, my morals and values, and my love for this country and for freedom.  

When I am not working on clients, I enjoy spending time with my incredible husband and our 3 children.  I also love reading, exercising, learning, and developing new ideas to improve myself and my space. 


Check out my website.  Schedule a massage online or by phone.